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About us

Fyaril is building the single largest marketplace where customers and businesses across the globe can buy sustainable products with measurable, traceable, and targeted impact linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Today, consumers have no knowledge about the impact of their online shopping, and manufacturers of sustainable products lack a single digital retail platform with direct access to global consumers. Global consumers lack direct access to a wide range of sustainable products and brands that are produced and manufactured sustainably. There is no reward for existing manufacturers to move towards sustainable manufacturing or contribute to UN SDGs.

What if customers could make informed 'buy' decisions? If all the manufacturers selling online have verified sustainability credentials measured in their contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. What if every product should have verified traceability of the impact it leaves on the planet and society? The world needs a strong force to drive manufacturers towards sustainability, recognize and reward manufacturers and products that are creating a positive impact. Fyaril does exactly all this. It is a platform that demonstrates to the manufacturers that sustainability would lead to higher sales and increased profit.

Fyaril connects with the customers in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C models. Our mission is to make it very easy for even the smallest manufacturer in any part of the world to reach global customers. In Europe, we offer storage, warehouse, and logistics options to the manufacturers in B2B and B2B2C models. Sellers in the B2C model receive orders directly from the customers, and orders are fulfilled through Fyaril's warehouse facilities. Fyaril offers a digital platform to all the customers. Customers can browse and purchase products through the global site ( or on highly localized websites (,, and 15 other local sites). The main revenue streams for Fyaril are product markup, transaction commission, advertisement revenue, and foreign exchange markup.

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  • What is Fyaril's Mission?

    Fyaril is on a mission to make high-quality, low-cost, sustainable, made-in-India products available across the world with a single click. At the core of Fyaril's mission is a strong desire to create an impact to make the world a better place. UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) are the key drivers for Fyaril's mission. Fyaril aims to make a positive contribution to the SDGs, provide traceability of the measure of the impact, and ensure that even the last stakeholder in the value chain is a beneficiary. For example, by providing a global platform to the manufacturers of handicrafts and handlooms, Fyaril is able to create a positive change in the grassroots level labor/artisan/worker who works hard to craft the products used by millions of consumers across the world.

  • How can you be a part of this Mission?

    More and more consumers today want to support companies with a purpose. Consumers are concerned about the impact they create with every purchase. Consumers are emphasizing using plastic replacement, recycling of waste, and preferring products with certified sustainable manufacturing processes (e.g., Oeko-Tex). Moreover, regulations across the world are demanding traceability, material and manufacturing certifications, child labor-free manufacturers, products made from recycled material, and manufacturers who reuse, recycle, and conserve natural resources. The demand for products where manufacturers create a positive impact on society and have a smaller footprint on the environment is going to increase multifold in the coming months and years. If your products and/or manufacturing process is contributing to the betterment of the world or if you would like to join the effort to make a positive change, then you are welcome to use our platform to buy or sell products.

    At Fyaril, we take extra care to ensure that our products are ethically sourced, that we use sustainable packaging, and that the material used is easily recycled. As a guideline for moving towards sustainability, Fyaril is developing sustainability metrics to measure the impact which our vendors can use.

  • How to promote your brand with Fyaril?

    Fyaril is the single largest direct sales channel to reach a global customer base. The opportunities for selling on Fyaril are limitless. From Japan to the US and from Norway to New Zealand, you are free to search for buyers anywhere in the world, and Fyaril will fulfill those orders. Fyaril has its own marketing channels, which include web advertisements, social media promotions, print media, event attendance, sponsorships, and in-person campaigns. We use target-based personalization as our marketing strategy. Emails, SEO, and online ads are examples of the kind of marketing that we do. We use these methods to make your product easily visible to people based on their interests and search queries. From time to time, vendors have the opportunity to participate in the above activities through Fyaril. You can follow and share Fyaril's social media promotions through your social media handles. For specific sales campaigns or to sponsor an event, please reach out to

  • How to get started?

    If you are a vendor, artisan, or a manufacturer of environmentally friendly or sustainable products, all you have to do is Register here to become a seller or get in touch with our team at

About the founder:


Sameer Deolalikar is the founder and CEO of Fyaril. Sameer, with his wife and two sons, has been living in Sweden for the last 15 years. He lives in Lund, Sweden, with his wife Manjiri and kids Ariv and Arnav. He holds a BE Electronics degree from Shivaji University, India, and has done a full-time MBA from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Sameer founded Fyaril in 2021 with a vision to make high-quality, made-in-India products easily available all around the world.

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